Unfollow George Shelley

And to Follow Zoe, I, Cari, will be resigning as George because I cannot play him anymore in this rpg, though you can find me at asksheyles if you want to talk to george again. And Also I will be making a Harvey account at sometime. For you to talk to and to have him do monitoring. -Cari/Harvey

Unfollow Normani Hamilton

Unfollow Harry Styles

Hey. Zoe/Marcel here. I’m resigning my place as Harry Edward Styles in our RPG. I will be making an official Marcel account where he will be counselor, authority figure, and confidant. He’ll help people with challenges (if he’s feeling nice) and he’ll just be the sweetie he is, unless you’re mean or something. I just don’t think I can do a good Harry anymore. It’s a bit hard to be quite honest and I play Marcel better anyway, trust me. Sorry guys. -Zoe/Marcel

I understand that we have had people sign up/make accounts for characters but then never come on/make their accounts and it’s actually quite hurtful but please, if its because the dash is intimidating or if one member or multiple is doing something wrong and we have not noticed it, please tell us. And on a side note, I’ll be back either tomorrow or the next day, so thats good!-Admin Danielle/Leeroy

What am I even, no just. Eyes everywhere -Harvey


point to anyone who makes me feel less pissed and upset

Challenge Number 2

This weeks challenge is to give us ten lesser known facts about yourself and/or your group. This is an individual activity but you must complete it and make sure your team does too. 

By lesser known facts, we do not mean the first thing that pops up on google or wikipedia. We want you to search for these facts.

To give you guys an example, we’ll let you in on a few things on management.

  1. Harvey started dying his hair because he didn’t want to be called a mick.
  2. Marcel was the first year of paid interns
  3. Leeroy worked for Modest first.
  4. Harvey and Leeroy’s first date was at an italian restaurant.
  5. Marcel has picked up a few of Harvey’s likes. 
  6. The boys will be going to Burkina Faso to get married
  7. And so on

This is due by friday at midnight CST

Shh Cari is here. Hiding